No deportation prison in Düsseldorf or elsewhere – right to stay instead of deportation

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is planning another deportation prison, in addition to the largest in Germany in Büren with 175 detention places. The planned new building with 25 places will serve as a so-called “Ausreisegewahrsam” (detention for up to 10 days) and will complement the deportation prison in Büren. The goal of the NRW state government and the federal government is to deport more and more efficiently. A prison in direct proximity to Germany’s second largest deportation airport in Düsseldorf is intended to facilitate this. So far, there is hardly any public discussion about this or even questioning of the deportation policy.

As the alliance ‘Prevent deportation prison – in Düsseldorf and everywhere’, we speak out strongly against the planned new building. We do not want another deportation prison! On the contrary: detention pending deportation must be abolished! We oppose the current authoritarian and repressive deportation policy in North Rhine-Westphalia and nationwide and demand a completely different policy towards people who had to leave their countries of origin: a policy of welcome and stay.

Every year, thousands of people here in Germany are forced to leave their place of residence – they are deported. This often involves violent arrests, nighttime break-ins, deportation detention and other traumatizing experiences.
Deportations tear people away from their environment. The constant fear of deportation leads to serious mental illness. A perspective worth living for is actively prevented by the constant pressure that a life without a secure residence means.

Germany and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are deporting more and more, and more and more people are being detained in advance. The sole purpose of the deprivation of liberty is to ensure and facilitate later deportation. Nationwide, the number of detention places is constantly increasing. The principle of avoiding detention during deportation, which is anchored in EU law, is simply ignored in the process.

Detention pending deportation as part of European asylum policy is a racist practice. For the authorities, detention is “only” an administrative measure, followed by deportation to the countries of origin or other EU states. For those affected, it means social isolation, no counseling, further experiences of violence and fear of forced departure to a country where further life is completely uncertain – and not infrequently life-threatening.

Detention pending deportation is a violation of human rights.

The alliance “Prevent deportation prison – in Düsseldorf and everywhere” generally rejects deportations. We criticize the deportation policy of the federal and state governments and demand a right to stay for all. Therefore, we categorically reject the planning of another deportation prison at Düsseldorf Airport and demand the abolition of deportation detention.

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